Westin Par Recruitment Experts Collaborate with HR Solve It

Westin Par Recruitment Experts Collaborate with HR Solve It

about 1 year ago

by Jane Deaman

Westin Par Recruitment Experts and HR Solve It Collaborate

Amanda Nicholls, Managing Director of HR Solve It, and Jane Deadman, Chief Operating Officer of Westin Par are excited to announce a collaboration to provide comprehensive human resources services to our valued clients. This collaboration aims to bring our respective expertise and resources to deliver exceptional recruitment and HR management solutions.

Amanda from HR Solve It, brings a wealth of knowledge in both operational and strategic HR, providing expert advice and guidance on a wide range of HR issues for both business owners and HR departments that don't have the internal resource or expertise.

Jane from Westin Par Recruitment Experts has established a reputable agency with a strong network of candidates and deep understanding of the recruitment landscape to support her clients.

By collaborating we can provide comprehensive and seamless support from the moment you identify the need for a new team member through recruitment, onboarding, induction and beyond.

Our passion is to enhance candidate experiences, and ultimately assist our clients in building and supporting high-performing teams to drive their business forward.

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