What's in a Name: The Serendipitous Birth of Our Recruitment Company

What's in a Name: The Serendipitous Birth of Our Recruitment Company

11 months ago

by Jane Deadman

โ€‹What's in a Name: The Serendipitous Birth of Our Recruitment Company

In the world of business, a name holds the power to define and distinguish a company from its competitors. It becomes the emblem of the brand, encapsulating its identity and values. This is the story of how we found our unique and captivating name during an unexpected moment of inspiration in the heart of Paris.

Parisian Escapade

It was a crisp autumn morning when our team embarked on a well-deserved break to Paris. Amidst the sightseeing and strolls along the Seine, the city's enchanting ambiance invigorated our spirits and sparked creativity within us.

The Westin Connection

Our temporary home during this break was the elegant Westin hotel. One evening, after a long day of exploring, we retired to the hotel's lounge for some relaxation. As we sat down at the bar, we noticed the drinks mat, elegantly displaying the words "Westin Paris." However, a stray drink had blurred the "is" in Paris, rendering it as "Westin Par."

A Strong Name is Born

The phrase "Westin Par" struck a chord with us. It sounded bold, assertive, and distinctive - qualities we wished to embody in our recruitment agency. The accidental omission of the "is" urged us to think beyond the conventional and embrace our uniqueness. As we toyed with the idea of adopting this name, we realised that "Westin Par" resonated with our vision. It evoked a sense of partnership, progress, and forward-thinking โ€“ essential aspects of any successful recruitment agency. With excitement and anticipation, we decided to finalise the name as "Westin Par."

A Cherry on Top

With our name settled, we turned our attention to the logo, which would be the visual representation of our brand. Considering that our approach to recruitment involved meticulously selecting the best candidates, the phrase "cherry-picking" often came to mind.

Inspired by this notion, we decided to incorporate a cherry into our logo. The cherry symbolised the exceptional and handpicked talent we would offer to our client while also allowing our candidates to pick their ideal job from our comprehensive list. It added a touch of playfulness and charm, reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously while maintaining a focus on excellence.


And so, our company name, "Westin Par," was born amidst the vibrant streets of Paris, shaped by fate and fuelled by creativity. It is a name that not only stands out among the crowd but also encapsulates our values of collaboration, progress, and the pursuit of excellence. The cherry on our logo reminds us daily of our commitment to cherry-pick the finest talent for our clients and jobs for our candidates, delivering results that will continue to define and distinguish us in the world of recruitment.

In the end, the story of our company name serves as a testament to the significance of seizing opportunities and finding inspiration in unexpected places. With every client we serve and every candidate we place, the story of "Westin Par" lives on, a tale of how we came to be and what we stand for.

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