Career Spotlight | HGV Drivers

Career Spotlight | HGV Drivers

8 months ago

by Paul Turner

Heavy Goods Vehicle Drivers (HGV Drivers) play a vital role in the Logistics sector and are pivotal to the performance of our economy.

HGV is a challenging profession that requires an in-depth knowledge of logistics, concentration, and attention to detail.

You may be aware that there is a national driver shortage in the UK and when you consider the historic poor work conditions and pay for drivers, coupled with the effects of Brexit on the UK Haulage industry, it’s hardly surprising!

With the challenges and competition faced in the sector this has led to much better pay, working conditions, better vehicles and quality of life.

Salaries range from entry level from £26,000 up to £60,000 with an average of around £32,000.

How to Become an HGV Driver

1 Meet the minimum requirements

-        above the age of 18 (Some Exceptions)

-         possess a driving licence

2 Select an HGV Licence course (Privately funded or employee sponsored)

3 Apply for a provisional HGV licence

4 Pass your HGV driving test

5 Get a Driver Certificate of Professional Competency (Driver CPC)

6 Apply for jobs

7 Pass the employers road test

The most common HGV licenses are as follows:


This can also be called a category C + E licence. With this licence, the driver is able to operate a vehicle that is 7.5 tonnes or more and the trailer can detach. These are often larger vehicles and can be used for routes over a longer distance.


This is going to be for any HGV that is more than 7.5 tonnes and has a rigid body base. The cab will not come apart from the trailer with this type of class. These may include refuse collection vehicles and fire engines to name a few. These are more likely to be used around cities rather than for long haul runs.

What Roles and skills are involved in being an HGV Driver?

The role of the HGV driver can be very varied and like many professions, drivers will often specialise in a particular discipline of work. It is important when looking at HGV Jobs to offer an employer some flexibility on shift patterns you are available to work as you will normally be contracted for days, nights, earlies, lates and weekends to name a few. However, some employers may now offer a degree of flexibility with this due to the industry shortage.

Some HGV drivers carry out regular daily routes across the length and breadth of the UK, driving on main roads and motorways, often known as trunking. Sometimes with a single delivery at the end of their journey whilst others may have numerous drops in a day around a more local geographic area.

Some drivers will perform long-distance deliveries, often to the continent, and become accustomed to spending extended periods away from home and sleeping in their wagon en route when they must take their legally required rest. Drivers that spend time away from home in their trucks are fondly known within the industry as ‘Trampers’.

There are several skills and activities common to these job types, whichever branch of HGV driving you decide to go into. These include:


HGV Driving Skills


Mechanical Safety


Coupling And Uncoupling The HGV


Securing The Load


Training And Personal Development Of HGV Drivers


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