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33% of Employers do not feel well equipped to support women going through the menopause at work

This week saw World Menopause Day and it has been interesting seeing the various conversations it has evoked. Such as women that have commenced Menopause at a younger than expected age and have not been able to have children. How Menopause can affect a Trans Male and people that are non-Binary. What stands out most for me is how Perimenopause, Menopause and Post Menopause (yes there are three stages, if one wasn’t enough), is how it effects 13 million people in the world of work just in the UK.

The person going through these radical changes in their body must juggle relationships, family life as well as trying to hold down a job, which is difficult when your ability to even complete whole sentences after a bout of brain fog can impair your judgement. This can cause a person to lose confidence and can also result in them leaving the workplace. According to an ACAS survey 33% of Employers do not feel well equipped to support women going through the menopause at work and these are their recommendations:

It is important for us all to be aware that the menopause and its symptoms can affect staff at any time. Being aware of this can help staff continue to do their job confidently and effectively.

The menopause can also have an impact on those supporting someone going through the menopause, for example a relative, partner, colleague, or carer.

Although the menopause will only be experienced by women and other people who have a menstrual cycle, men should also be included in conversations and training. This is because they might be supporting others going through it.

I am a Menopausal and I am so pleased that I am fully supported at Westin Par. If you need some help and advice, please see the links below:

Menopause Matters

NHS Choices

The Daisy Network (support for early menopause/premature ovarian insufficiency)

Menopause Services NHS GG&C

The Menopause Exchange

Living Life (Online/Telephone guided CBT)

Women’s Health concern

Remploy (mental health support service)

Henpicked (community site for women over 40)

Menopause Café (gather to eat cake, drink tea and discuss menopause)

Pausitivity (for access to a menopause support pack and posters)

Menopause Experts Training

ACAS guidance on supporting staff through the menopause

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