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ISO 14001 Helps Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change

In recruitment we see a lot of acronyms and we must have a base knowledge of what they mean in order to find suitable candidates with the right experience for our customers.

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization, and they develop and publish International Standards which are often required in Business.

As Recruiters we are often asked to introduce candidates that can administer, implement or audit these standards, one of the most common is ISO 14001 which is the international standard for environmental management systems.

Most of our clients in manufacturing require an ISO 14001 certificate but it is more than just a number. Achieving this certification demonstrates an innovative approach to manufacturing and environmental management.

ISO 14001 deals with the need to adapt to any change in environmental conditions and hence includes matters such as the need to adapt to other environmental consequences which are not due to climate change, for example loss of ecosystem services and biodiversity.

Part of some of our client’s commitment to this is how they reduce landfill by recycling industrial plastics thus reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs).

The emission of GHG’s into the atmosphere is making the Earth’s surface warmer and all manufacturers must take responsibility to mitigate the effects of their activities.

We are proud to be partnering with organisations that have core values that protect our environment.

Read more about how ISO helps with Climate Change

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